Spring has sprung, so it’s officially baby bird season! The good news is that Native Animal Rescue has some insightful information on what to do if you find a baby bird on the ground. Most people will feel inclined to pick up the baby birds and bring them to their vet when in actual fact, they could still be reunited with their mother. Here are a few helpful steps to help you this spring: 

  1. Before removing a baby bird, make sure it really is an orphan. Some birds can leave their nestlings for hours while searching for food. Fledglings can also commonly fall from the nest while learning to fly. Most baby birds simply need a little help reuniting with their mums.
  2. If you find a nestling, look for a nearby nest and leave it there. You can also use a hanging basket if you can’t spot a nest in nearby trees. The mother will usually use their instincts to locate the bird and continue to feed and care for it. If you find a fledgling bird with short tail feathers, put it up as high as you can as the mother will usually find it.
  3. If it’s close to nighttime and you are concerned, take the bird inside and try again in the morning, as most birds will accept their young if they have separated for less than 24 hours. If you are keeping an eye on the baby bird and no parents come for it, then you place the bird in a small box and bring it to Native Animal Rescue or your local vet.

For further information, visit https://nativeanimalrescue.org.au/ or contact your local vet for advice.

(information care of www.nativeanimalrescue.com.au)