Grooming at Ascot Veterinary Hospital

At Ascot we aim to make the grooming experience an enjoyable and stress free process for your pet.

Donna our groomer spends time to make each and every patient feel welcome and safe, forming a special bond to help your pooch relax and enjoy their groom.

Bath & Blow Dry

Great for those short haired breeds who need a good freshen up, or as Donna calls it, a “Wash and Set”. Includes nail clip and ear pluck if required.

Trim & Tidy

Ideal for those dogs who just need to maintain their coat, this groom also works well as an introductory groom for your puppy. This groom maintains a tidy appearance and prevents matting in the fur by brushing out the undercoat. Includes a trim around the face, feet and bottom, brush-out of the main coat, the length is left. Bath and blow dry, nail clip and ear pluck are all included.

Smoothie Cut

This is our most popular summer groom; the whole body is clipped short, with the head, tail and paws tidied up, followed by a bath and blow dry. Also includes nail clip and ear pluck if required.

Style and Breed Cuts

This is a true ‘style’ clip that consists of an all over trim as well as scissoring to style the legs, skirt and/or face. We can also do a style groom that is specific to your dog’s breed standards.