Keep your Pet Happy and Healthy with our Pet Care Services

We know that you think of your pet as another family member – and you want what’s best for them. Our professionals provide expert pet care and grooming services as well as advice on proper balanced diets tailored to your pet.

Puppy Preschool

Enrol your pup into our Puppy Preschool to get all the information and skills you need to smoothly transition your pup into the family unit.


As the most effective form of permanent pet identification, new laws require that all pets be microchipped at the time of registration.


Our in house groomer Donna is available on appointment to complete basic to complex grooming for your pets.

Nail Clipping

We offer nail clipping services and can assist in teaching you the best way to safely and comfortably clip your pet’s nails at home.

Behavioural Advice

We can discuss any behavioural concerns, perform a full physical examination and offer behavioural advice and strategies.

Nutritional Advice

We recommend feeding your pet high quality food from a reputable company with a history of manufacturing good pet food.

Weight Loss

At Ascot Veterinary Hospital, we offer a free weight loss clinic to assist with diet selection, portion controls and weigh ins to keep your pet on track.



"What a great service. The kindest and probably the most skilled vet we have attended with our cats. Thanks, Adam!"


"Fantastic caring staff, had to say goodbye to my little buddie of 15 yrs and the caring and respect by all the staff was faultless and much appreciated."