High Quality Preventative Pet Care

Ascot Veterinary Hospital is a state-of-the-art pet medical centre that offers a host of animal diagnostic services. Our team are highly skilled and experienced, this, paired with the latest technology we have available allow us to provide you and your beloved pet with superior and unmatched medical care.

 We Offer Extensive Animal Medical Services

Often, the animal diagnostic services we provide can identify potential health risks in your pets before they become more serious. Meaning that we can intervene sooner and provide the appropriate treatment to keep your animal happy and healthy.

The animal diagnostic services we offer at our pet medical centre include:



We have advanced digital radiology facilities that allow us to see your pets’ bones and organs non-invasively. Using this technology, we can take standard x-rays and perform contrast studies like Barium Swallows.

pathology 1


We can conduct urine and blood tests and give you the results within an hour because we value your time. Our in-house Idexx Pathology Lab is fully-equipped to ensure the delivery of efficient and reliable test results.



To examine your pets’ soft tissues, we make use of non-invasive ultrasound technology to conduct pregnancy diagnoses, abdominal ultrasounds, and biopsies, all on-site at our pet medical centre in Belmont.


Titre Testing

Because pet vaccinations don’t last forever, you’ll periodically need to have your pet revaccinated. We offer Titre Testing which allows us to determine whether your pet needs to be revaccinated.


General Health Checks

We offer general health checks for your pet, which are just as vital for them as they are for humans. Annual check-ups are recommended to ensure your pet is in good health.


Specialist Referrals

We exclusively refer patients to specialists that share our commitment to excellence in veterinary care, giving your pet the best chance at recovery.

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 Since 1977, Ascot Veterinary Hospital has been providing pet owners in Perth with the gold standard in animal diagnostic services and more.

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