Animal Radiology

At Ascot Veterinary Hospital, we offer an extensive range of x-ray services utilising our advanced digital radiology facilities. Looking at the bones or organs of your pet in a non invasive way, we’re able to take plain x-rays as well as perform contrast studies like Barium Swallows. We also take hip and elbow x-rays for any of the Australian hip or elbow dysplasia schemes.

With advanced technology available, x-rays can be taken quickly with less exposure for the comfort of your pet. We can attach images to your pet’s file, put them on a disc for you and send to specialists as required.

Contact us today at Ascot to find out more about animal radiology for your pets.




"What a great service. The kindest and probably the most skilled vet we have attended with our cats. Thanks, Adam!"


"Fantastic caring staff, had to say goodbye to my little buddie of 15 yrs and the caring and respect by all the staff was faultless and much appreciated."