General and Specialised Pet Surgical Services

Our highly skilled veterinary surgeons utilise advanced surgical equipment to complete everything from desexing to complicated orthopaedic and soft tissue procedures. We formulate a thorough pain relief and management plan to ensure that each patient is comfortable throughout all procedures. Using advanced anaesthetic monitoring technology, we closely monitor your pet from the commencement of anaesthesia through to their full recovery. Our veterinary surgeons are constantly pursuing training and research to ensure the highest quality care for your pets.

Admission Process

Learn more about our admission process to find out what to expect before your pet’s surgical procedure.


Most animals are desexed from the ages of four to six months and onwards, but this depends on the pet.

Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Surgery

In addition to minor surgery, our veterinary surgeons are equipped to handle a full range of orthopaedic procedures.


At Ascot Veterinary Hospital, our vets recognise the importance of quality dental hygiene to your pets health and wellbeing.



"What a great service. The kindest and probably the most skilled vet we have attended with our cats. Thanks, Adam!"


"Fantastic caring staff, had to say goodbye to my little buddie of 15 yrs and the caring and respect by all the staff was faultless and much appreciated."