Canine Vaccinations

The Importance of Canine Vaccinations
Dog and Puppy vaccinations are essential for controlling infectious diseases both for our pets and the
pet population as a whole. Canine vaccinations protect the health and wellbeing of your

These vaccinations can either be essential or non-essential.

Essential Vaccinations For Dogs
The essential vaccines guard against dogs contracting life-threatening diseases that could
be transferred globally. According to the World Small Animal Veterinary Association,
every dog must receive essential vaccinations regardless of:
● age
● environment
● habits
● breed
● circumstance

In Australia, core vaccines for dogs include:
● canine distemper virus
● canine adenovirus
● canine parvovirus

These vaccines are often packaged together in one injection called a ‘C3’ vaccine. The vaccination for Kennel Cough is considered non-core but is highly recommended for dogs in the Perth area. We regularly see dogs with canine cough so encourage all dogs to have the C5 vaccine, which includes the Kennel Cough. The KC vaccine protects against parainfluenza and bordatella bronciseptica.


Non-Essential Vaccinations
Non-essential dog and puppy vaccines may only be necessary if your dog lives in a certain part of
Australia and has regular social contact with other dogs.

Non-essential dog vaccines include:
● leptospira interrogans
● coronavirus
● tetanus
● Rabies (for international travel only)

Vaccinations Can Protect Your Dog Against…
● Kennel Cough
● Parvovirus
● Canine distemper
● Canine hepatitis
● Parainfluenza virus
● Canine leptospirosis
● Coronavirus

Puppy Vaccination Schedule
While puppies have some temporary protection thanks to their mother’s milk, this immunity fades as they get older. Puppies need a series of vaccinations ending at around 16-18 weeks to be fully protected. For puppy vaccinations in Perth reach out to Ascot Veterinary Hospital.

Dog Vaccination Schedule
As dog immunisation isn’t permanent, adult dogs should be revaccinated to maintain immunity. Dogs can be vaccinated every three years with the C3 vaccine for Parvovirus,Distemper and Hepatitis. Kennel Cough is required to be boostered every 12 months.

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